Tome III – Errances (2014)

Label : Effendi Records
Catalog ref. : FND132

Vincent Gagnon – piano, compositions
Alain Boies, Michel Côté – saxophones
Guillaume Bouchard – double bass
Michel Lambert – drums

Vincent Gagnon’s third disc is a mélange of live jazz and romance that inspires impressionistic lyrical landscapes to be painted on the imagination.

Recorded live during three concerts at Palais Montcalm in 2013, Errances immerses listeners in a universe molded by poetry and inspired by nocturnal scenes of St-Petersburg, Asuncion, Lausanne and Quebec City. This is music that is mind-expanding and exciting, yet uncomplicated in composition, emotion and improvisation.


© Vincent Gagnon. Photographies par Renaud Philippe et Elias Djémil.